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SIGLO Accessory was developed by The Pacific Cigar Company Limited and launched in Hong Kong in 2003. It quickly gained popularity among cigar aficionados because of its simple design, contemporary colors, quality & craftsmanship and price.

A disappointed customer shared this on Yelp "At Siglo there's no variety of accessories or in colors, makes it all really boring to browse around endlessly until you've had enough, but being a college student strapped for cash makes it all the more difficult. However, I will never be back once I am in need of some new accessories. Also, I actually don't have the money it's really expensive. Never coming back".


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Camarero en "Taberna (Former Employee) says

"pues habia mala organizacion es como si abren un local y ponen a la gente de sopeton ahi a que lleve un negocio los dueños solo se preocupaban del dinero de sacar dinero en positivo teniamos el encargado principal que no tenia ni un conocimiento sobre la administracion/manejo de una plantilla ni local y los turnos eran malos muchas horas y poco descanso y poco dinero.nadatodo"

Atención al cliente (Área de Ventas) says

"Es un trabajo exigente pero con muy poca remuneracion. Se debe trabajar sin parar y contactar a los futuros alumnos. No se paga como corresponde"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed the start of my journey working at Siglo, I was coffee trained and cocktail trained which I very much enjoyed. When I was made manager I felt there was no guidance and help within the company, it was very much an unorganised bar. Reasons for my leaving.Free lunchesLong hours"

Bartender (Current Employee) says

"Working at a Bar is very demanding and draining. especially if you have a lot of things going on outside of work. Hours are dreadful and will ruin your whole routineFree drinks, party atmosphereLong hours, draining"

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